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Hi. I’m Bryanna Boyd. A Black, queer therapist in Seattle, whose land is situated on Duwamish territory. Thank you for visiting my practice.

Deciding to commit to doing your work isn’t easy. How we show up in relationships is often cultivated and informed by those who raised us. Such a foundation is underscored by the Native land we inhabit, ongoing and intergenerational trauma we’re exposed to and hold in our bodies, as well as the ever present encroachment of our existence as marginalized people with intersecting identities.

We are artists, academics, activists, policy makers, sex workers, students, barbers, librarians, birth workers, caretakers, business owners and more. We are survivors, thrivers, in grief, open, boundaried, scarred, scared, brave, shifting in and out of relationships — often doing the best we can, with what we have.

Living alongside capitalism, anti-Blackness, transphobia, sexual violence, etc., necessitates unlearning and undoing much of what we have come to know. As relentless as societal structures and systems are, it is critical that we are equally as relentless in the ways we love and invest in ourselves.

The power to heal is within you.

Therapy can aid in self-discovery, providing you with tangible tools to gain insight and awareness to increase joy and fulfillment in your life.

I can support you with sustainable coping skills to address the barriers prohibiting you from being present, introspective and engaged. Together we can unearth the challenges that have stifled you, so you can begin to live the life you desire.

You deserve to see yourself reflected in your care. I offer competent, comprehensive and compassionate psychotherapy to those of us most marginalized. If you’re looking for a nurturing therapist who is genuine, who wants you to have a good life and will challenge you from a place of respect and care, then we might be a good fit. If any of this resonates, please connect with me today.