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bryanna boyd

Pronouns: she / her

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, I grew up in a working class, single-parent home. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I experienced intercommunal and state-sanctioned violence, coupled with persistent loss.

Thrust into counseling services in my teens, I never felt seen by the practitioners I sat across from. We lacked shared intersectional experiences that were paramount to my everyday life and the healing journey I needed to undertake. Thankfully later, I found affirming counseling services from folks who held safe space that I could better identity with - Black, brown, queer and non-binary practitioners - that facilitated life changing healing. Not being fully seen inhibited my progress. I now seek to provide this type of support back to our community.

I hold a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Fordham University, where my background includes extensive experience providing therapy services to adults living with HIV / AIDS in New York City. Prior to my graduate studies, I served the Indigenous community in Washington supporting clinicians, as well as advising high school and college students in leadership programs and grassroots activism. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counseling Associate in Washington, #MC 60938695.

A self-proclaimed extroverted introvert, I find joy in spending time with loved ones, engaging in dialogue and conversation around issues of justice and equity, and watching good crime dramas with my cat, Chlöe.

You deserve holistic mental health support, where you are seen and celebrated. If where I’m coming from speaks to you, please contact me today to talk about next steps.

How I Practice

Engaged and open, my therapeutic style is grounded in intersectionality, liberation and compassion. Vital to the work we’ll do, is understanding how cultural and social structures impact your mental health, alongside your family of origin story that influence how you show up today.

You’re the driver of your healing, and the expert of your story. You set the goals of therapy, as well as the pace at which we’ll work. I operate from a humanistic theoretical orientation, meaning that I am relational and collaborative as a therapist. I believe trust can be garnered when stories are met with authentic interpersonal exchange. I value where you want to go in your work, and actively seek not to impose my own agenda onto you.

The parts of you that have been amputated, neglected, and devalued are welcome here. You are resilient; in spite of your trauma, hardship and struggle. Each of us has the ability to heal ourselves, often with loving, boundaried and challenged support. It would be an honor to work with you and be a part of your healing journey.